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In today's volatile foreign exchange market, it is imperative that you have the tools and knowledge to manage that exposure.
Mesrkanloo International Exchange employs a knowledgeable and experienced staff in the wholesale banknotes division. We have the capacity to obtain and deliver all major currencies to our customers. We build our trust and confidence by keeping our promises, maintaining a high standard of business ethics and responsibility. Moreover, we have introduced the latest sophisticated technology to cater to the updated best trade rate to our high volume of foreign currency traders. Our division is fully equipped with best-in-class facilities and potent mechanisms which substantiate transparency, consistency, and litheness. With our unique model for wholesale foreign currency exchange service and low exchange rates, we take pride in providing fair and transparent pricing and excellent customer experience. We look forward to assisting you with your foreign currency needs.

Mesrkanloo provides wholesale foreign currency service to a variety of customers, including commercial businesses and financial institutions. We have extensive business relationships with the following companies:
Foreign Exchange companies, Travel Agencies, Hotels, and Resorts, General Trading Companies

Using our wholesale banknotes service, customers will benefit from the following:

Just make a call to our wholesale dealer, ask for the preferential exchange rate, Availability of foreign currency, and delivery for the corporate clients. We look forward to working with you.

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** Mesrkanloo International Exchange does not accept request from international customers.

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All of our service levels include

Trust, Secure, Reliable, Service Commitment

Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction, always transparent pricing

Excellent Rates for Foreign Currency Exchange

Get excellent exchange rates always guaranteed

Strong AML/CFT Policy to prevent Risk and Fraud.

Safe & Secure, Regulated by Central Bank of UAE

The professional Customer Service Team

Best customer service with Expert and Friendly help when you need it

Innovative & Latest Technology

We bring out the best through our Innovative Ideas

Only one method of payment i.e. Cash.

For Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction we have only one method of payment

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