We provide a wide range of foreign currency Exchange & Remittance services to meet all customer needs


Value-Added Services

We will introduce the below value-added services as part of our future endeavors.

  • Cash advanced credit card
  • Bill payments
  • Salik
  • Corporate cash collection
  • Credit card payment

Other Services

We provide a wide range of foreign currency exchange and remittance services to meet all customers needs.

Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange is a primary product to all Money exchange conglomerates.

Home Remittance

Home remittance we introduced with fair management in high expectation and international operational standard

Value-added Services

We are planning to introduce the below value-added services as a part of our future endeavor.

All of our service levels include

Trust, Secure, Reliable, Service Commitment

Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction, always transparent pricing

Excellent Rates for Foreign Currency Exchange

Get excellent exchange rates always guaranteed

Strong AML/CFT Policy to prevent Risk and Fraud.

Safe & Secure, Regulated by Central Bank of UAE

The professional Customer Service Team

Best customer service with Expert and Friendly help when you need it

Innovative & Latest Technology

We bring out the best through our Innovative Ideas

Only one method of payment i.e. Cash.

For Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction we have only one method of payment

Do you need to convert foreign currency?

For international exchange, try Mesrkanloo.
The methodical approach to currency exchange

  • Excellent Rate
  • No Commission
  • Zero Fees