Currency Exchange

We provides a wide range of money Exchange & Remittance services to meet all customer needs

Currency Exchange

We provides a wide range of money Exchange & Remittance services to meet all customer needs

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Foreign Currency Exchange


Foreign currency exchange is a primary product to all Money exchange conglomerates. Hence, we also depicted buying and sell all types of foreign currencies at an excellent exchange rate.
Mesrkanloo International Exchange is the prime dictum to cater comprehensive Foreign Money Exchange services to our valued customers like individuals, Tourists, Corporate, and high net worth customers. We provide clients with the most reliable solution for their foreign currency requirements with the best value.
Currency as a medium of exchange is a system of money in common use; therefore, people may need to exchange currencies in some situations. People planning to overseas travel, as the people arrive at the destination they can buy local currency for their expenditures. Also, settlement in foreign currency for corporate clients or legal firms may buy foreign currency.

We will provide:

 Buy or sell currencies with no Commission

● We offer comprehensive foreign exchange services in retail and wholesale at competitive high rates.

 Mesrkanloo International Exchange ensures security and safety.

 Experience the dedicated staff providing customers, our service in a professional environment.

 Exchange rate based on market and competitive positioning.

 Prioritized trusted cash service.

 Aim to Immaculate Customers' satisfaction in dealing.

 Enhanced Customer relationships.

 Fast processing & provide of currency upon customers' demand.

 We advise on rate variations.

 We display the list of updated online exchange rates in our Mega LED Screen and LCD TV in our office location.

Other Services

We provide a wide range of money exchange & remittance services to meet all customer needs


Wholesale Banknote

We have the capacity to obtain and deliver all major & micro currencies to our customers around the world


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home remittance

Home Remittance

Home remittance we introduced with fair management in high expectation and international operational standard


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privileage card

Value-Added Services

We are planning to introduce the below value-added services as a part of our future endeavor.


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All of our service levels include

Trust, Secure, Reliable, Service Commitment

Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction, always transparent pricing

Excellent Rates for Foreign Currency Exchange

Get excellent exchange rates always

Strong AML/CFT Policy to prevent Risk and Fraud.

Safe & Secure, Regulated by Central Bank of UAE

The professional Customer Service Team 

Best customer service with Expert and Friendly help when you need it

Innovative & Latest Technology

We bring out the best through our Innovative Ideas

Only one method of payment i.e. Cash.

For Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction we have only one method of payment