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About Mesrkanloo International Exchange

Mesrkanloo International Exchange is The First Financial Firm in the World to achieve International Customer Service Standard (ICXS) by British Standard Institution BSI. A renowned sole proprietorship status foreign exchange company Licensed by Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, to operate as full-fledged money exchange and remittance business activities." MIE is The Best Exchange Partner for all your Money Exchange and Remittance Services."


Mesrkanloo International Exchange is also a certified member of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme, Certified Investor Partner of Dubai Quality Group DQG & an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and 31000:2009 Risk Management Certified Company. Mesrkanloo International Exchange pursues to accomplish the currency exchange and remittance requirement of corporate customers, expatriate individuals, and UAE Nationals. On-time cost-effective and professional consistent basis. We are also committed to the task of proactively prevent and detect instances and attempts of money laundering through our delivered flexible and reliable system.


Mesrkanloo International Exchange has inducted with respectable management in high expectation and international operational standard & practices which motivates to perform constant requirements of our customer and society. Based on our arrangement and strategies, our products and services are disseminated through a pro-active approach to the customers entirely satisfied. Our prime objective is to implement an ongoing business/marketing plan in order to capture a high growth of business achievements.


We insured our services could cater to the customers, also the forefront in promoting adoption in the arena of money exchange and remittance activities for high Productivity and Efficiency. Moreover, we have also a rapid business plan to outsource remittance needs worldwide. We maintain our dedicated services, and products will ease our valued customer's financial needs with no hassle; by extending expertise, efficient method, and timely devoted services, through leadership, innovation, creativity, aspirations, to flourish an environment of mutual trust and transparency.


Our Vision

To be recognized as The Best Foreign Currency Exchange Company around the Globe

Our Vision is to be recognized as one of the best Foreign currency exchange & Money Remittance company around the globe by providing International customer experience Standards and maintain a high level of confidentiality, integrity & professionalism.

Our Mission

To provide Excellent Customer Service with Best Exchange Rates

Our Mission is to cater to the high value of best customer service through enhanced customer experience driven by innovative technology, creativity, new branches, network expansions, and excellent customer service in an environment of mutual trust and transparency.


How we help our customers..?


Trust, Secure, Reliable, Service Commitment

Competitive Rates for Foreign Currency Exchange

Strong AML/CFT Policy to prevent Risk and Fraud.

The professional Customer Service team

Only one method of payment i.e. Cash.

Our Core Values

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Our Objectives

To provide efficient, speedy, and cost-effective money transfer services.

Our operations are fully computerized with the latest Information Technology which safeguards all money exchange.

To adopt the FATF 40 Recommendations on money laundering and the FATF 8 Special Recommendations against terrorist financing

To ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the respective country’s federal law and Central Bank of the UAE.

To effect strict compliance with anti-terrorist financing and money laundering directives and regulations.

Innovative services and quality products.

No Discrimination & Fair Treatment.

Competitive rates and charges.

Promptness, safety, and confidentiality of transactions.

Personalized/fully-functional customer care.

Prompt and secure Money transfer.

Provide the fastest & easiest way to Send & Receive your Money Worldwide.

Satisfy Clients Requirements.

Securing the appropriate degree of protection for consumers.

Support the development of a common understanding of what the risk-based approach involves.

Outline the high-level principles involved in applying the risk-based approach.

Indicate good public and private sector practices in the design and implementation of an effective risk-based approach.

Quality Objectives

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