Mesrkanloo International Exchange


We provides a wide range of money Exchange & Remittance services to meet all customer needs


We provides a wide range of money Exchange & Remittance services to meet all customer needs

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Home Remittance

Mesrkanloo International Exchange follows to accomplish the Remittance necessity to our honored customers on a timely, cost-effective, and professional consistent basis.
We also committed to the task of proactively preventing instances and attempts of money laundering through our system which is delivered flexibility and reliability.
Mesrkanloo International Exchange has introduced with fair management in high expectation and international operational standard & practices which motivates to perform constant necessity of our customers and society.
Mesrkanloo International Exchange has strongly positioned itself to the Money Exchange/Remittance sector in the United Arab Emirates, through innovatively excellence of service and infrastructure.
We are devoted to delivering an efficient and outstanding facility to customer’s satisfaction and expectations. In terms of remittance transactions as well as other financial services, with the extensive network of banking partners across the globe.
We are the pioneer of preferred solutions for remittance services. Especially, with additional services like information on exchange rate fluctuations.
We practice confidentiality and compliance as key elements of remittance transactions, which have made us a preferred partner for remittance necessities. We sustain a long-term relationship with the individual/corporate clients in the UAE who are utilizing our services on a day-to-day basis.
Moreover, The Security of your data is our Priority. This enables the more substantial interests of safeguarding our reputation as well as operations.

Services of Remittances

Credit to Bank Account:

Send money worldwide directly to any bank account and also credit to any Bank account through the inter-bank network. We will transfer your money the same day with a cut off time or maximum of 24 hours to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Express Cash Pickup:

Now Send money to your family and friends without obtaining any bank account, the receiver can collect money within minutes from any of our partner's agents Location. We will provide the Remittance control number you need to forward to your beneficiary. The Beneficiary will receive cash by showing the control number and valid ID.

Door to Door Transfer:

Your money conveniently delivered right to your family and friend's doorstep, the customer needs to provide to give the proper address and telephone number of the beneficiary our agent will deliver the amount directly to your family and friend's doorstep.

Mobile Transfer :

We will transfer money directly to your beneficiary's Mobile account number this service is available in Kenya & Bangladesh.

Other Services

We provide a wide range of money exchange & remittance services to meet all customer needs

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange is a primary product to all Money exchange conglomerates.

Home Remittance

Home remittance we introduced with fair management in high expectation and international operational standard

Value-added Services

We are planning to introduce the below value-added services as a part of our future endeavor.

All of our service levels include

Trust, Secure, Reliable, Service Commitment

Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction, always transparent pricing

Excellent Rates for Foreign Currency Exchange

Get excellent exchange rates always guaranteed

Strong AML/CFT Policy to prevent Risk and Fraud.

Safe & Secure, Regulated by Central Bank of UAE

The professional Customer Service Team

Best customer service with Expert and Friendly help when you need it

Innovative & Latest Technology

We bring out the best through our Innovative Ideas

Only one method of payment i.e. Cash.

For Simple, Quick & Easy Transaction we have only one method of payment

Want Foreign Currency Exchange..?

Try Mesrkanloo International Exchange
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  • No Commission
  • Zero Fees