Personal Driver

Personal Driver

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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We are hiring a PERSONAL DRIVER. Qualified and relevant experienced candidates are welcome to apply for the post.

The major responsibility of a personal driver is to convey his/her employer to places as instructed. This incorporates driving him or her to work and occasions.

The duties and responsibilities are not constrained to conveying their employers but depend on a number of factors like the nature of work of the employer and his/her way of life.

Key Skills

  • Thorough understanding of road regulations.
  • Clear criminal record.
  • Neatly presented and professional.
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Punctual and reliable.
  • Ability to work during evenings and on weekends, as required.


  • Safely and timely drive the employer to work and back, and to occasions
  • Safely drive the employer’s relatives, visitors, business partners, and associates to and from places authorized by the employer
  • Ensure that the car is clean at all times by washing both its inside and outside parts
  • Carry out routine inspection on the car to ensure that it is always in good condition
  • Identify electrical and mechanical problems that may hinder the smooth working of the car and carry out minor repairs and maintenance where necessary
  • Consider different routes, check climate and traffic reports to decide the best time to travel and the best route to take
  • Safely keep receipts for vehicle repairs and maintenance and other records and reports concerning the employer’s car(s)
  • Keep a travel log to record locations traveled to, travel time, and work hours
  • Carry out some modest office undertakings like organizing records, and cleaning the employer’s office and desk
  • Carry out other assignments that may be given by the employer.
  • Ensuring that clients' identities and conversations remain confidential.

Education & Experience

  • Higher Secondary School
  • Relevant Experience only as Family Personal Driver

Additional Requirements

  • Strong communications skills
  • Valid UAE personal driver's licenses.

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