Forex Cashier

Forex Cashier

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operations Dept.

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We are hiring FOREX CASHIER for our money exchange. Qualified and relevant experienced candidates are welcome to apply for the post.

Foreign Exchange Cashiers process cash transactions from clients in national and foreign currencies. They provide information on the conditions and exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currencies, make deposits of money, record all foreign exchange transactions, and check for money validity.

Key Skills

  • Handle financial transactions
  • Trade Foreign currencies
  • Maintain a record of financial transactions
  • Provide financial product information
  • Multilingual skills
  • Good personality
  • Excellent time management
  • Goal-oriented
  • Good Customer Services


  • Purchase of foreign currency and conversion in Dirham or any other currency at the prevailing exchange rate
  • Good communication skills have to be practiced
  • Have to adhere to the ICXS & DSES standards of Customer service.
  • Adhere to AML/CFT policy under the Central bank Guidelines
  • Adhere to signed company rules and policy/procedure
  • Sale of foreign currency against Dirham or any other currency at the prevailing rate
  • Ensure genuineness of currency notes being exchanged
  • Fake notes are to be reported immediately to the manager, who will take necessary steps to report to Central Bank/Local Police
  • Accept cash from remittance customer as per the payment voucher
  • Verify voucher in the system and generate cash receipt voucher
  • Handover voucher to the customer
  • Accept cash for salary deposits by WPS customer
  • Make payments for a cash payout
  • Tallying of cash as per system and deposit with treasury before end of duty
  • Write a report in Logbook about tally, excess, short, and system problems, if any
  • Sale and Purchase of foreign currency with the current exchange rate.
  • Make sure the currency bought or sold is a genuine one.
  • In case of fake notes being detected, inform the higher management
  • Verify the customer’s personal documents thoroughly before printing the vouchers
  • Make sure the customer takes his/her voucher with them while leaving the exchange.
  • Be available to open & close the branch.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher secondary School.
  • 3 + years of experience in UAE in the Money Exchange field

Additional Requirements

  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Attention to details
  • Knowledge of proper cash handling procedures
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Quality focused with attention to detail.

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