Our Objectives

Our Objectives

● To provide efficient, speedy and cost - effective money transfer services.

● Our operations are fully computerized with the latest Information Technology which safeguards all money exchange.

● To adopt the FATF 40 Recommendations on money laundering and the FATF 8 Special Recommendations against terrorist financing

● To ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the respective country’s federal law and Central Bank of the UAE.

● To effect strict compliance with anti-terrorist financing and money laundering directives and regulations.

● Innovative services and quality products.

●  No Discrimination & Fair Treatment.

● Competitive rates and charges.

● Promptness, safety and confidentiality of transactions.

● Personalized/full functional customer care.

● Prompt and secure Money transfer.

● Provide fastest & easiest way to Send & Receive your Money Worldwide.

● Satisfy Clients Requirements.

● Securing the appropriate degree of protection for consumers.

● Support the development of a common understanding of what the risk-based approach involves.

● Outline the high-level principles involved in applying the risk-based approach.

● Indicate good public and private sector practice in the design and implementation of an effective risk-based approach.

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